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Lego Movie

After weeks of designing and construction, our 1916 Lego movie is finally completed! Under the leadership of Conor R, we constructed O’Connell Street complete with the GPO from Lego bricks. Our talented artists Alan, Conor T., Cillian  & Ely designed the backgrounds and we gradually moved the characters in each scene while Harsha took the […]

Map of an Island

Today we did Art and we got a sheet of paper and stained it with tea. The majority of people burst the teabags to get a sandy effect. Then we drew an island shape on our whiteboards and when we were ready we copied it onto our tea-stained sheets. We then used chalk pastels to […]

Mindrising Submission

  After over a month of research and hard work, we have finally submitted our entry for Mindrising 2016. We were inspired by the ceasefire between the rebels and British forces during the Easter Rising to allow park ranger James Kearney to feed the ducks and our entry is entitled “How the ducks stopped the […]

Mindrising 2016

  We are delighted to be taking part in Mindrising 2016. Mindrising is a project based on telling stories about our past and our future and it uses Minecraft to help tell these stories. We have started our projects and been getting to grips with constructing in Minecraft. You can read more about the Mindrising […]

Book Reviews

Recently, we completed book reviews as part of a Friday challenge. The best ones were made into podcasts and below you can listen to Conor R’s & Ava’s book reviews. What do you think of the children’s book reviews. Please share your thoughts by posting a comment

Guess the Scene

Remember to submit your entry for this week’s “Guess the scene” from “Friend or Foe”. Click here to make your guess.

1916 Project Presentations

Over the last week we have been presenting our 1916 projects to the class. Everyone picked out a different personality to research and presented their projects in either a Powerpoint, poster or Prezi. We learned some fascinating facts about each personality. You can view the Powerpoints by clicking below.   Congratulations to everyone on wonderful […]

1916/2016 – Then & Now

The Irish Times have compiled some really interesting photographs of some key places in Dublin as they are today and what they looked like in 1916. You can explore them further by clicking here Does anything in the photographs surprise you? Do you recognise any familiar locations from the 1916 Freedom Tour we went on. […]

1916 freedom tour

On Monday 15th February, we headed into town to do the 1916 Freedom Tour. We got the bus into town and then walked to the army bus on Merrion Square where we started our tour. We got out at Dublin Castle and our tour guide told us about Volunteers on the roof and British soldiers shooting them […]

Friend or Foe Art Project

This week we are working on an Art project based on the book “Friend or Foe”. We have drawn and cut out the Ellesmere gang and have painted them. Today we are using fabric to dress them up. We have also been busy sketching and painting the background on our corridor. Our project is shaping up […]

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